The Documentary Institute in Eastern Africa – – is a production and research centre, hosting a visual archive, intending to become a resource for institutions, filmmakers, researchers, undergraduate and graduate scholars studying film in the EAC. It is an autonomous organization based in Nairobi, at the British Institute in Eastern Africa headquarters – – managed by BIEA itself in collaboration with Jux Tap


The DIEA intends to contribute to the creation of a dynamic and sustainable documentary film industry in the East African region. A network of documentary filmmakers covering the Partner States of the East African Community will be established with the support of BIEA and national universities. Their access to regional and international markets will be improved through an online archive for the storage, distribution and promotion of their work, as well as building a database of contacts that enables targeted and sustained communication about new productions and proposals to international industry contacts.

With the multi-faceted support in the form of regional networking, skills training and online visibility of the documentary film sector of the East African film industry, the project will engender growth.

In the long term it will also contribute to the viability of diverse cultural expressions in the region achieved as the multi-ethnic and multi-language filmmakers produce content that mediates the diversity of cultural experiences, values, and identities.

The project addresses the educational, promotion and networking infrastructure and innovative technology needs of the EAC documentary film industry.

Simultaneously the project tackles youth unemployment through skills training and support for self-employment in media SMEs. The overarching orientation is the sustainable growth and expansion of the industry that will produce content attractive to regional and international audiences.