Visual archive of Eastern Africa
people, culture, history, art, religion, science, environment

“The Visual Archive of Eastern Africa” by using the latest technology for conservation, whether that means the archive as a physical location or the digital frontier, will produce, collect, restore, investigate, conserve and distribute various visual contents. By preserving the audiovisual heritage of the Partner States of the East African Community, it will contribute to the diffusion of art and creative expression in a global context. During the time, the acquisition of increasingly important material, will attract individuals, public and private organizations, filmmakers, photographers and experts to entrust DIEA their own collections. In following this program, the the Visual Archive of Eastern Africa, will have a solid stand in the region, hosting a wide selection of visual resources for preservation and access for study and research.

In 2017 DIEA will start  a program for the digitization of the Audio Visual materials hosted in  the Archives of National Museums of Kenya .